Kitten Caboodle

A Clover Hill Romance

Ebook Cover for Kitten Caboodle. A plus size, tall white man with poofy blond hair in a white shirt and teal pants stands in front of a green and blue background

Kitten Caboodle needs content warnings for:

  • Not super explicit sex scenes, masturbation scenes between a trans man and cis woman
  • Alcohol usage
  • Cursing
  • Discussion of job insecurity, housing insecurity
  • Lost/missing cat
  • Worry over an animal’s health (always fine, though!)
  • Minor injury caused by cat (everybody’s fine! Cats are just sharp sometimes)
  • Accidental (cat) pregnancy
  • Graphic details of animal birth
  • Discussion of fat and trans bodies

Daphne wants three things: to build her solo business as a wedding planner, stay in her home without breaking the bank, and figure out the next steps in her life. Taking a housemate will help with at least one of those.

Enter Cade, golden retriever gym bro who needs a place to stay in Clover Hill while he helps to open a new chiropractor’s clinic. He doesn’t mind being far from home, and he might be the answer to all of Daphne’s problems.

Neither of them are looking for romance, but when an instant attraction sparks between them, who are they to turn away?

Kitten Caboodle is a medium heat, low angst trans m/cis f small town contemporary romance novella. It takes place in the shared world of Clover Hill, so it can be read as part of the series or as a standalone.