Mrs. Mix Up

A Standalone Novel

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Mrs. Mix Up contains the following content:

Sexual: Cis female masturbation with a sex toy, mention of watching porn, descriptions of cunnilingus and penetration of vagina with fingers without condom, and dirty talk.

Non-sexual: Threatened employment, mention of unfriendly divorce of minor character, mentions of aro-antagonist behavior from other queer people, visiting a queer club, coming out as demiromantic, description of a near miss car accident, forced proximity, jealousy, accidental nudity in forced proximity, mentions of queerphobia, mentions of racism, and mentions of sexism.

A secret crush. A mix-up in paperwork. And suddenly, a fake marriage that lands two women in one hotel room–and face to face with their denial.

After six months of simmering attraction, librarians Sofiya Anderson and Molly Andersen are ready to burst. There’s a magnetism between them that threatens their commitment to professionalism, and not even a librarian’s stern shushing can quiet it down. But they’ve managed to hold themselves in check…for now.
Until a mistake at a regional conference, a tiny oversight in spelling, makes the coordinators believe they’re a married couple.
Two women. One bed. And a Mrs. Mix-Up that doesn’t quite go by the books. Can they make it through four days of professional development with both their hearts and their jobs intact

Mrs. Mix Up is a high heat, low conflict novel featuring a demiromantic lesbian and alloromantic lesbian pairing.

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