Second Wind

A Standalone Novella

Second Wind needs content warnings for:

The dog does not die and there is no actual death in this novella.

• Mention of spousal death, 

• spreading of ashes,

• discussion of service dog duties and types of seizures,

• mentions of chronic pain and illness, 

• mentions of ageism,

• mentions of pregnancy in family member.

There is also a nonbinary child who uses she/her pronouns. This was intentional on my part.

No matter how old you are, there’s always a chance for romance. 

After the death of her husband, 71-year-old homemaker Martha Appleby is taking her first long-distance trip alone. That loss has derailed many of her plans for her twilight years, and she hopes to come to peace with not knowing what will come next. 

70-year-old service dog trainer Pamela Thornton is hoping to take advantage of a well-timed work trip to figure out what to do next. Crouton is the last service dog of the litter, and she’s not sure she wants to keep raising dogs by herself. 

These two childhood sweethearts haven’t seen each other in fifty years when they each board the same airplane, only to find they’ve been booked for the same seat. 

If they can get past the ghosts of their past and decide what path they want to chart for their futures, this chance meeting could give their long lost relationship its second wind.

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