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    Recs for Jae’s Sapphic Book Bingo 2023!

    I’m not one to take part in book bingos, because they stress me out to take part in. HOWEVER, I love doing book recs and what better time to do one than when there’s a year long book bingo? ESPECIALLY when it’s sapphic! This recommendation list is based on Jae’s Sapphic Book Bingo, which you can find here! One note: these links are affiliate links, which means I make a little bit of money back if you purchase through it! Here are my personal recs based on the prompts. I don’t have recommendations for every category, because clearly I have lots of reading to do! It’ll be great to see…

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    Time For A Sale, Y’all!

    I FINALLY HAVE NEWS FOR YOU, FRIENDS! Hugs & Quiches is FINALLY out on audio! I’m thrilled with the job Caroline Stacey did on this and highly recommend you give it a listen! Not that I’m biased or anything. *winks* Buy it now! In addition to having this audiobook finally be in the world, you can also buy ANY of my books for $1.99 or less! This week only, Second Chances and Hugs & Quiches will be on sale for $1.99! Mrs. Mix Up will be on sale until the end of the month for only $0.99! Get Second Chances for $1.99! Get Hugs & Quiches for $1.99! Get Mrs.…

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    Keep Marching On, Friends!

    It’s March, which means Spring is almost upon us!! I am looking forward to it not being freezing all the time and to getting some flowers outside! Today is Mrs. Mix Up’s first birthday, technically. It was originally published on Feb. 29, 2020.. except that’s the leap day. So I’m claiming March 1st as its birthday on non-leap years. In honor of its birthday, I’m putting it on sale! It will be $0.99 for the entire month as well as available through Kindle Unlimited! You can also grab it on audio through Audible and iTunes for the usual price! Buy It Now! I’m beginning to think Audible has something against…

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    Hugs & Quiches Out Now!

    If you are Hoopla Digital users through your library like I am, my Elisade series as Ceillie Simkiss is now available in its entirety! Go check them out and enjoy these sweet fantasy stories at no cost to you! Hugs & Quiches is out – and coming soon to a bookstore near you! I’ve ordered a proof copy for myself, but y’all get to see the fabulous full print wrap for Hugs & Quiches before I share it anywhere else. This is my longest book by far, so I am looking forward to seeing how it looks in my hands and on my shelf. I’m very excited to get this…