Aromantic Resources

Hello, friends!

I recently released Mrs. Mix Up, which features a demiromantic lesbian main character, Molly. As you likely know, I am not aromantic. I can fall in love at the drop of a hat and fall out of love just as quickly. I have also written two other stories with aromantic characters as Ceillie Simkiss – An Unexpected Invitation and Pack Ties.

Because I was writing outside of my experience and because many people are not as informed as they could be on what aromanticism is, I wanted to offer some resources and other people that you can read aromantic stories from. This list is available within the text of Mrs. Mix Up, but I wanted to offer it in another format in order to make it easier to access for anyone who wanted it.


For those of you searching for aromantic characters in other books, please check out Claudie Arseneault’s Aro-Ace Database, and check out the authors below. All of them have publicly identified as somewhere on the aromantic spectrum, so you are more likely to get an ownvoices take on their identities.

• Laura Pohl

• Xan West

• Rosiee Thor

• Ashia Monet

• Claudie Arseneault

• Michelle Kan

• Emily Skrutskie

• Penny Stirling

• E.H. Timms

• Polenth Blake

• Lynn E. O’Connacht

• RoAnna Sylver

• Darcie Little Badger

• Michon Neal


• AUREA (;

• Asexuality Visibility and Education Network (;

• Lynn O’Connacht’s Youtube series about aromantic representation in fiction;

• – this tumblr has a lot of good resources available and is the current host for Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week.