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8/16 – Low Angst Queer Recs

Here are some books I recommended in this tiktok! If you’ve got some you want to add, tell me about them!!


All Amazon links are affiliate links. If I recced more than one book, I linked to an author page! Enjoy!



Fearless – Shira Glassman 

Eli Wray’s books

So Over The Holidays Series – Erin McLellan

Welcome to Sea Port Series – Katrina Jackson

Being Hospitable by Meka James 

Things Hoped For – Chencia C. Higgins

The Blundering Billionaire, Lucky Charm  – Chace Verity

Take Me Home – Hudson Lin

Learning Curves Series – Ceillie Simkiss (ME!)



Help Wanted –  J Emery

Monster Till Midnight – EJ Russell

Mooncakes – Suzanne Walker & Wendy Xu

The Superheroes Union: Dynama – Ruth Diaz

Other Future Stories Series  – Amara Lynn

Elisade Series – Ceillie Simkiss (STILL ME)


Historical Fiction:

Lara Kinsey

EE Ottoman

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