Learning Curves Original Covers Triptych
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Happy July, Friend! {There’s news inside!}

Writing News:

Hi, friend! It’s been a little while since I sent one of these out, so thanks for sticking with me!

Luckily, I have some actual news to share! I am making some big changes to the way I do things. By the end of July, none of my Ceillie Simkiss books will be in Kindle Unlimited. 

My Elisade books were already wide, but the Learning Curves series has a different future in store for it.

Learning Curves Original Covers Triptych

These books are very near and dear to my heart. However, they are imperfect in many ways. If I were writing these now, they would be very different books. They would have a proper editor and sensitivity readers for the parts that are not from my experience. They would also have new covers. I like these, but they don’t match and they don’t read as a series.

And let me just say…  the new covers are gonna be great.

However, I also love them in their current form and know that many of you do, as well. With that in mind, I will be publishing a digital “box set” or omnibus with the original editions here on August 15, Learning Curves’ third birthday.

This omnibus edition is working its way onto all major e-tailers, but I will send out another email once it is ready!

In the meantime, I am also working to set up an ARC group via this newsletter. If you love my work under either pen name and want early access, you can sign up to be part of the team!

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It’s also July, which means it’s time for Camp NaNoWriMo! Which means that Amara Lynn and I are hosting #LGBTQWriMo on Twitter and Instagram! Feel free to join us and check out who else is participating! We’d love to cheer you on.


Personal News:

Things have been… complicated and hot in my personal life – and not in a super fun way. The new job did not really work out.

My grandmother always told me that if something was meant to happen it would, and if it wasn’t right, there’d be a sign. I’m considering this a sign.

So, I’m back to the old one, but with a slightly higher salary and a better position. So maybe this is the sign Grandma always talked about.

Since then, of course, the heat dome descended upon the PNW, so we have just been Roasting. Literally. One day last week, it was 114 degrees Fahrenheit. And no, we do not have air conditioning. Because the PNW doesn’t believe in them, apparently. We all survived, though, mostly by spending a lot of time underwater.


NOW FOR SOME FUN – Have some promos!

Lesfic in July

Summer KU

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