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Promos Galore!

This newsletter was originally sent on Tuesday, May 18.


I’ll keep this short and sweet for all of you. Mostly, I just have promotions to, well, promote! BUT!

I also start a new job next week! It’s a public relations & marketing job for a local doctor’s office that is closer to home  with so much room for growth! This will be a huge change from my current job in so many ways that I really cannot express how happy I am to get started.

However, with big changes, it also means that I might get a little bit quieter on social media while I settle in to my new routine. I’ll still be writing, still be reading and probably still posting on Instagram. For some reason, that’s easier than tweeting right now. Brains are weird like that.

Anyway! On to the promos!


Enter to win a free e-reader and 30+ steamy romances!

I paid to be part of this promo through Booksweeps, but it is an excellent free promo for y’all!

All you have to do is follow the authors you find interesting on Bookbub! From there, you’ll get email notifications whenever there’s a Bookbub deal on their books, when there’s a new book coming out and what that author recommends for you!

I love Bookbub as an author and reader so check it out!

What I’ve Been Reading:

Malice by Heather Walter –

This f/f Sleeping Beauty retelling is frankly amazing. I would like to note that it does not meet Genre Romance’s HEA/HFN or bust rule, but it is romantic and stunning.

I also highly recommend checking the CWs on this before you read, because it gets really heavy. If you like unlikeable and heroines, this might be the book for you.





Broken (In the Best Possible Way) by Jenny Lawson – 

I have loved Jenny Lawson’s weird, wonderful writing for years so I was thrilled when my pre-ordered copy of this book showed up on my doorstep. I actually wound up listening to it, though, because apparently physical books are hard for me to focus on right now.

I loved this book, but there is a lot of genitalia = gender comments that even my cisgender ass kept wincing at, so keep that in mind if you want to pick it up.




Sweet Talk by Cara Bastone – 

This is the second book in an Audible Original series that had me laughing out loud and hanging onto every single word throughout. Elliot and JD were absolutely perfect for each other in their weird, complicated way and I couldn’t wait for them to get their HEA.

I loved it so much I even did art for it on Instagram. I highly recommend both of these, and I intend to be checking out the rest of Bastone’s books in the near future.



40 Love by Olivia Dade –

I can hear what you’re thinking. “Didn’t C just read a book by Olivia Dade? Is this another one?”

Yes I did and yes it is. I listened to this on audio. This age gap romance delighted me. I loved how driven both characters were, how competent they were, and how real both of their issues were.

I loved this book in the Marysburg universe and can’t wait to pick up another one!

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