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Happy Holidays, Friends!

I’ve been struggling to figure out what exactly to say in this newsletter. After my last email, I received quite a few emailed threats because I dared to speak up about something that’s important to me. Those people have now been removed from this mailing list and blocked from signing up again, but it really took a toll on me.

With that in mind, I’d like to be blatantly clear about something.

I write queer romance. Most of my romances take place in places much like where I grew up in North Carolina. I aim to make every one of my books (and every community I’m in) a more inclusive space than the one before it. I’m going to talk about politics from time to time. You know why? Because I’m a human being who is allowed to talk about good causes.

Thanks to a lot of romance authors and readers, I got to be part of raising $450,000 for the organizations on the ground in Georgia. And that’s fucking amazing. Our bundle in particular raised $325 and I am thrilled!

If you don’t like my politics, I don’t think you’re gonna like my books. You can unsubscribe and live your life however you want to. If you feel like sticking around, I’m happy to know you.

If you’re looking for another good cause, there are plenty of people in the Romance community that are struggling this holiday season. I’m helping Shelf Love Podcast run the Holiday Fairy program.

Community members in need submit an anonymous Amazon wishlist, and we boost it to the people who want to help out. There’s no pressure, but I think it’s a great cause if you’ve got some spare change. We’ve got almost 50 people on the list now, so I’m sure you’ll find someone who wants something in your price range. If you can’t afford to do anything, even a boost on twitter would be extremely helpful to someone!


If you’re here looking for book news, there are three great topics to talk about today!

I’m working on revisions for the novelette that will be released on Valentine’s Day as part of the Second Chances anthology, and I’m really excited to share this story with all of you soon! In the meantime, check out my writing playlist for it!

I’m taking part in a lesfic book promo on Bookfunnel, so go check out the other books and find a new read for yourself!

I’ve also heard the first fifteen minutes of the audiobook of Hugs and Quiches, and hope to have that released in the early part of 2021! I’ll have more details about this for you all after Christmas, but I’m very excited.

As for the rest of 2021, I’m planning to release book 2 of the Heating Up the Kitchen series in the early fall. I’d like to get at least one other project out in 2021, though. To make sure I’m writing what y’all want to read, I’ve put together a super simple poll to let you all help me decide what to focus on next.


Give me some feedback!


I hope you all are as well as you can be in these trying times. Remember to be as kind as you can, but take no bullshit. Just like these two.

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