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Keep Marching On, Friends!

It’s March, which means Spring is almost upon us!! I am looking forward to it not being freezing all the time and to getting some flowers outside!

Today is Mrs. Mix Up’s first birthday, technically. It was originally published on Feb. 29, 2020.. except that’s the leap day. So I’m claiming March 1st as its birthday on non-leap years. In honor of its birthday, I’m putting it on sale! It will be $0.99 for the entire month as well as available through Kindle Unlimited! You can also grab it on audio through Audible and iTunes for the usual price!

Buy It Now!

I’m beginning to think Audible has something against Hugs and Quiches. They swear it’s being reviewed, but I’ve got no new information for you.

As far as my personal life goes, I’ve been doing tons of cooking and reading and playing of video games over the last few weeks. I’ve gotten into Valheim, which is not my usual style at all, but I’m very much enjoying it. I’m also not really playing with other people at this point, so it’s probably a different experience for those who are! Either way, I like it!

I also picked up Animal Crossing for the first time since November, which means that there are many weeds and many events for me to catch up on. If you’re playing either of these, I’d love to be friends or join a server with you!

I’ve also been doing some actually consistent writing on a few different projects, which is a relief. When I don’t write for a while, it takes me a couple weeks to get back up to a place where I can write more than a sentence or two when I try. I’m really excited about the books I’m working on and I hope you’ll love them!

I hope you are all doing as well as you can be. I am sending you love and strength! And, a lot of promos I’m part of. Check them out below!


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