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Thank You For Being My Valentine!

It’s release month! Almost release week, as a matter of fact.

Second Chances comes out in 9 days! Remember, you have until release day to buy it for only $0.99! After that, it’ll be up to full price, so you don’t want to miss out! Check out the buy links and the content notes!

Buy It Now!

Things are taking longer than expected on Hugs and Quiches audiobook, but it is still coming down the pipe. I’ll keep you all updated on the progress there, but in the meantime, I have something new to share with you!

In this world, I can think of nothing else I want to share more than more love in all its forms. With that in mind, I have been hard at work in the last few weeks getting a new venture together – Valentine’s Day cards on Redbubble!

There are some bookish ones, there are some animal ones, and there are some queer ones. Basically all of them are puns, because I love them. I’ll be adding more cards and such as time goes on, but these are a perfect way to share love with your friends, family, and classmates in this time where we’re all so separate.

Check it out!

If you have any particular ideas for cards, feel free to comment on this or email me! I’d love to design something with you in mind!

I’ve also been hard at work reviewing books over on Let’s Fox About It! I’ve got book lists of diverse books in all age ranges, book reviews, and next week, I’ll have a cover reveal that will blow your mind! If you haven’t looked at LFAI recently, I highly recommend it. But I know I’m biased.

Find New Books!

Speaking of diverse books, I’m part of this promotional group. If you’re looking for some great romances, don’t miss out on this list!

I’ll be back on release day with more news to share, so I’ll see you then! In the meantime, have a wonderful February!

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